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The famous human-scale realistic lovedolls for adults !

Doll Story

Doll Story presents you the most beautiful range of lifesize moulded silicone dolls.

New dolls from 6 200 € incl. VAT upwards.

All the models presented here are entirely made out of silicone. This delicate material offering a touch close to the skin, combined with the high competence of the designer, make our dolls the most distinguished ones.

Take the time to select YOUR doll, by visiting the different faces and bodies, and the numerous options of customization. From the skin tone to one or several moles, thousands of possibilities enable you to create THE silicone doll that you wish.

Our mouled dolls are presented in the galleries of pictures, more astonishing the ones than the others, and made by professional or amateur photographers, for your greatest pleasure…

Carefully handmade, your doll is delivered to you within 6 weeks, everywhere in Europe and in the rest of the world.
Doll Story
Unusual decoration ?
Erotic doll of exception ?
Top-quality muse for artists ?
Luxury realistic mannequin ?

The inspiration belongs to you...

Doll Story offers you the most wonderful realistic silicone dolls... for adults !
All photos published on the present website are made with Doll Story's realistic silicone love dolls. All photos published on the present website are Copyrighted.