Welcome to the extraordinary world of our silicone dolls !

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Distributor since 2006 and manufacturer since 2011, Doll Story offers exclusively the world’s most beautiful range of luxury dolls. We are a small team of french artists and artisans, we work with the passion for our profession, and the constant focus on perfection. In close co-operation with 4Woods Japan, our japanese partners and friends, we design our silicone dolls as works of art. We work to order, so each model is unique. We manufacture the dolls one by one, and according to all the wishes of each customer.

Configure your realistic doll with numerous options of customization !

Choice on the body type, choice on the face, choice on the skin tone, choice on the makeup, and choice on many more options… Each silicone doll becomes a unique character, fully configured according to the desires of her owner.
Our team will respect every detail of customization with the greatest care.
Take the time to browse our numerous photo galleries, make your choice, and then let us manufacture the doll of your dreams !

Our dolls are as beautiful to watch than impressive to touch.

The silicone we use to manufacture our dolls is unique. It is the result of countless tests we made, and we call it « Soft Skin », for it is amazingly soft and close to the human skin sensation. Our dolls are also equipped with a sophisticated and jointed internal skeleton, which allows plenty of lifelike postures.

Our silicone dolls are not mere inanimate objects.

Eroticism, sensuality, mischievousness, peacefulness… Each combination of face and body brings different emotions. They are beautiful, elegant, graceful, and so realistic that you will inevitably get attached to yours.
Our dolls are real characters.
And each doll tells a story… Get the one that inspires you the most !
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