The Mini Dolls

Discover also our Mini Dolls !

image, mini doll 27 cmDesigned exactly like the life size dolls, mini dolls are made of silicone and are fully articulated.

Our little beauties exist in different sizes : 27 to 60 cm, weighing 130 to 1600 grams.

Contact with the Mini Dolls is surprisingly pleasant, the touch is smooth and soft.

Just hold them in your hands to be immediately captivated. Touching them really makes THE difference !

Imagine a position, take the doll gently in your hands, and enjoy !

Almost all natural postures are possible. Each idea takes shape in 3 dimensions to bring life to the small figurine !

The Minis are really gorgeous and fascinating !

Minis are so realistic, manufactured with the unique and only vocation : be fascinating and exotic ! Obviously, they do not incorporate sexual function…
They exist today to delight you !

Visit our website and be seduced…
image, Mini Doll Story
image, mini doll 60 cm
image, mini doll 60cm - Doll Story