French manufacture

Doll Story and 4woods Europe: French production.

We manufacture your silicone Lovedoll in our french workshop.

Images, launching of 4Woods EuropeInstalled in Japan since 2002,a pioneer in sillicone doll history and the famous creator and manufacturer of 4wodds became established in France in 2011, with its subsidiary "4woods Europe".
french manufacturePartners since 2006, the CEOs of 4Woods Japan (M. Hiroo Okawa) and Doll Story France (M. Jean-Philippe Carry) have decided to join forces, by creating "4Woods Europe" company Co.Ltd.

Much more than just partners, these two major players are essential pillars in the market of silicone lovedolls. They are also loyal friends, with mutual respect and trust, forged over several years of collaboration.
Positionned on a luxury product, which is improving constantly, our objectives are clearly defined :
- Combine our ideas and projects by taking advantage of the double culture Asia/Europe, in order to increase our capacities for research and development,
- Amortize the adverse currency fluctuations for our customers (€/$/¥),
- Reduce delivery lead times,
- Ensure an after sale service of proximity for the entire range of dolls,
- And above all, offer to everyone the best quality/price ratio in the world.

To date, AI NEO Im, AI Doll S+ and AI Doll Allure dolls are made in France. The other bodies remain "Made in Japan" products.

The standard quality guarantees of the french manufacture are strictly the same as the japanese ones (we use the same tools, the same know-how, the same "Soft Skin" silicone, the same processes). Let us specify that it is the old Japanese foreman (Mr Koji Yamada) who settled down in France to supervise the production of 4woods Europe.

All our staff remains at your disposal, as always, to answer all your questions (in 8 languages !),

Our whole team remains at your disposal, as always, to answer all your questions (in 8 different languages!), to help you make you choice among the wide range of dolls that we offer, and most importantly, to satisfy without fail, each of your expectations.

Yours sincerely,
Jean-Philippe Carry