Characteristics & concept of the silicone dolls

Images, Doll Story, characteristics and concept.
Created by specialist artists, each doll requires over 100 hours of work :

• Assembly, verification, tightening and installation of the articulated skeleton,
• Injection of our exclusive Soft Skin silicone,
• Unmoulding and finishing of the body.

Then comes a long finishing phase to bring perfect realism to all anatomical aspects of the doll.

The dolls are then carefully made up, minutiously manicured and the pubic hairs are inserted one by one. Everything is done according to your every demand...

Thus fashioned with passion, each doll is a unique creation and constitutes a real work of art.

The body/face compatibility table enables you to select a doll with harmonious proportions, and you can even choose several faces for the same body thanks to a system that is easty to use.

The table of measurements indicates the different measures that we offer you for each body, and the comparative table enables you to select the body that corresponds the most to your needs.