Characteristics & concept of the silicone dolls

Everything you need to know about silicone lovedolls

Select your doll among our several body types (average meas. : 1m60 / 30 kg),
more than 20 different heads and numerous options of customization. Your doll will be unique !
Doll StoryCreated by specialized artists, each doll needs more than 100 hours of work.

Bodies and faces are elaborated by a designer, and worked by sculptors before the fabrication of the moulds.

Most manufacturing steps are performed manually : installation and adjustment of the articulated skeleton, preparation and injection of silicone.

Then the dolls are carefully made up, meticulously manicured, and the pubis hair is inserted one by one...

Followed by a long phase of finishings to give a perfect realism to all the anatomical details of the doll.
Then, made with passion, each doll is a unique creation.

The finished doll is indisputably a real work of art.

Dolls measurements :
The technical characteristics of our dolls are identical, differences are in the measurements of the bodies :
Images, measurements of the different bodies, AI Series, Doll Story
Picture, part of the internal skeletonSkeleton and articulation joints :

The body of the dolls is articulated thanks to an internal metal skeleton. This skeleton is manually assembled and allows numerous positions. The articulation joints have been specially studied and created to optimize the amplitude of the movements with the resistance of the silicone.

Your doll will keep a natural aspect, whatever may be the position that you can give to her.
Picture, possible movements of the dollsSome simple rules of use and maintenance, that you will receive with your doll, have to be respected to ensure a long lifespan to her.

All the materials that are utilized for the dolls are lasting and resistant, but their lifespan depends above all on a careful use and maintenance.

Picture showing the silicone used for Doll Story's dolls.Specifications of the silicone :

- Flexible
- Semi-medical
- Very soft
- Non-toxic
- Flavorless
- Odorless
- Lasting
- Withstands extreme temperatures
- Withstands light and humidity
Vaginas available in the options :

Doll Story proposes you to choose between 2 different types of vaginas. Both of them are very comfortable to use, and will always provide you sensations that are very close to the reality :

The removable vagina :
Advantages : Very easy to put and remove, easy to clean (reversible), and replaceable by other models with same measurements, suggested by specialized suppliers.

The realistic vagina :
Advantages : Not removable, astonishing of realism (aspect and contact), delivered with a cleaning kit.

To receive pictures of these vaginas, please contact us by indicating your birthdate.

Interchangeable heads :

An easy one-step system makes possible to change the head of the dolls. It is thus possible to order several faces for only one body.

Note :
All our heads are equipped with the same one-step head change system, and are adaptable to all the bodies. But to avoid a disproportion between our different heads and bodies, we advise you to refer to the following compatibility table :
Images, heads/bodies compatibility table
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